When children are involved in a divorce, it is important that the focus of child custody and visitation discussions remains squarely on the best interests of the children.

Prolonged and bitter legal custody battles can put a lasting strain on the relationship between parents and their children. Margaret Blackmore has over 30 years of experience helping parents develop parenting plans that satisfy the requirements of both parents and, most importantly, are best for the children. We have also represented grandparents and other relatives in custody litigation.

The Best Interests of Your Children

Committed to resolving custody and visitation disputes in the best interests of the children involved, we encourage our clients to be realistic when they approach visitation and custody decisions.

Our attorneys are also staunch advocates for the rights of our clients. Whether our clients are entitled to sole custody, shared parenting, or visitation rights, they can depend on our experienced lawyers to fight to protect the relationship they deserve to have with their children.

Clients and fellow attorneys have come to respect our law firm for the compassion and sympathy we have for our clients dealing with divorce and child custody matters. We understand how important it is to preserve the private nature of child custody matters and for clients to have a custody attorney they can trust to protect their privacy.

Child Support

We take child support matters seriously. It is important that we work closely with parents, especially those who are unmarried, to ensure that finances will be devoted to provide for their children’s education, healthcare, and other necessities.

Familiar with the child support guidelines and the formula used to determine how much child support parents are to pay or are entitled to receive, our experienced attorneys stand by each client.