Divorce is never easy, but the way you choose to handle it can have lasting repercussions on what is left of your relationship with your spouse. Couples committed to settling out of court and avoiding the adversarial conflicts that often arise in a traditional divorce should consider collaborative divorce.

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a method of practicing law in which the lawyers for both parties agree to assist their clients in resolving their conflicts by employing cooperative negotiation techniques rather than adversarial strategies and litigation.

Unlike dissolution, which is also a collaborative process, the two divorcing parties need not necessarily be on amicable terms with one another to employ collaborative divorce. The only thing they need to agree on at the outset is the form of dispute resolution they would like to use – a problem solving approach, rather than an adversarial one. Read more.

Columbus, Ohio Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

Margaret Blackmore is one of only a handful of lawyers in the state of Ohio that specialize in collaborative divorce.

Benefits of collaborative divorce:

  • Gives both spouses and their respective attorneys control of the proceedings, unlike a traditional divorce where proceedings are controlled by a judge
  • Parties are focused on solving the problem instead of attacking one another. This can often preserve what is left of their relationship and set the stage for future cooperation. (This is particularly beneficial when there are children involved.)
  • Typically less costly and time consuming than a traditional divorce.
  • In the event that you do face a dispute with your spouse on any issues and find that a collaborative divorce is unattainable, we have other attorneys here who can represent you in the traditional divorce process.

If you are dealing with the end of your marriage or relationship you must address some of the most difficult decisions of your life. How you answer these questions today will be critical tomorrow and well into your future. That’s why you need the full support of an experienced lawyer you can trust.