What is a Traditional Divorce?

There are many reasons why people choose to file a traditional divorce. Typically it is because one party does not wish to terminate the marriage, the two parties cannot reach agreement and/or there is a desire to pursue immediate financial protection, obtain spousal support or protect the children involved.

Columbus Ohio Divorce Lawyers

We are well-known throughout the Columbus area for handling complex and high net worth divorce matters for successfully representing clients in divorce proceedings and negotiations where millions of dollars worth of assets, retirement accounts and real property are involved.

Understanding that the outcome of the divorce, including division of property, child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support can have a significant long-term affect on the parties involved, we work diligently for our clients to protect their rights and provide for the best possible outcome.

If you are dealing with the end of your marriage or relationship you must address some of the most difficult decisions of your life. How you answer these questions today will be critical tomorrow and well into your future. That’s why you need the full support of an experienced lawyer you can trust.